Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Hot Tub Time Machine"

The bizarro comedy has four guys being sent back in time to Winterfest 1986 -- and getting a chance to fix some things in three of their lives. And a key plot element is the January 1987 Browns-Broncos playoff game, notorious for "The Drive." But read on ...

In the movie Lou (played by Rob Corddry) observes people watching the game. Remembering details of it, including the outcome, he begins to make -- and win -- bets on specific plays. But he forgets that having him and his friends back in the past might change history. And, after making an especially outrageous (and vulgar) bet, he watches as Elway's game-tying pass falls incomplete -- and the Browns win the game.

Sadly, "Hot Tub Time Machine" does not stay in the past long enough to show how the Browns then did in a revised-history Super Bowl.

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