Friday, November 12, 2010

"RED": Look Out, Cleveland

"RED" is a nice, entertaining action comedy -- I mean, how can you go wrong with a movie with Helen Mirren as a cheerful assassin? And then you add Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Brian Cox, Ernest Borgnine, Richard Dreyfuss . . . and the delightful Mary-Louise Parker. Liked it. But that's not why we're here.

We're here because Frank, the retired agent played by Willis, lives in Cleveland. A grubby part of Cleveland. Nice closeup of a garbage can. And I like to think that it underscores the matter-of-factness of NE Ohio folks when Frank's house is shot to rubble and no one appears to make a fuss.

Although those early scenes are set in Cleveland, the movie was reportedly shot in and around Toronto and New Orleans.

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