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"Leave It to Beaver": Is That Mayfield, Ohio?

When I was younger -- meaning when "Leave It to Beaver" was still on network TV -- I thought its town of Mayfield was in Ohio. (I was in Virginia.) Maybe I had heard of Mayfield, Ohio, somewhere. And when there was talk about State University, it has made me think of Ohio State. In fact, Mayfield wasn't supposed to be in a specific state. But there is considerable thought nonetheless that it's the one in Ohio. More after the jump.... . In his 1998 memoir "And Jerry Mathers as 'The Beaver,' " Mather says, "Mayfield is anywhere, USA. ...
Actually, there are twenty-seven Mayfields across the country," the book continues. "Some people think it's Akron, Ohio, because there's a Mayfield near Akron. But at different times Mayfield is described as being only twenty miles from the ocean. Others think it is somewhere in California, but the characters travel to California. We even altered the mileage signs at the bus station when Beaver goes on a trip, so viewers wouldn't be able to go their atlas and pinpoint a town.
But viewers are more dogged than that.

On the fan site, the following is part of the discussion of Mayfield's location:

The show makes numerous mentions to neighboring cities and communities, and even street names, that would correspond with the Mayfield located in Ohio. Ohio is always the most popular speculation.
In one of the episodes Wally takes the Beaver to the new amusement park with his friends, to ride on The Giant Dipper. The Giant Dipper is located in Santa Cruz but it is also in San Diego and in Chippewa Lake, Ohio. It is obvious that the contradictions are done on purpose. If they live in Mayfield, Ohio it would have taken Wally 1 hour and 13 minutes to drive to Chippewa Lake, That isn't far but for a teen taking his little brother to a park it would probably be out of the question.
One fan writes to me: It was not California because the people who owned the Haunted house in "Mistaken Identity" moved to California. They are not from Indiana because the new student (young blond girl) that Wally had a crush on, that Mrs. Cleaver invited on the picnic to Friends Lake was from Indianapolis Indiana or "one of those states." This seemed to eliminate Ohio, though the checkbook evidence seems quite positive proof. Illinois Ohio, Indiana seem to be one of those states.
Another fan ... states: 'I live in Cleveland and the references made in the episodes can't be any where else. Grant Avenue, Mayfield, and all the other bits of information indicate Mayfield Ohio. We do have a Mayfield Ohio. '
Finally, closely inspecting the prop checks used in the 1997 Leave It To Beaver movie shows an Ohio address of "211 Pine Street, Mayfield, Ohio."
The reality may be less glamour and more practical. Looking at the occasional exterior shots on Leave It To Beaver, Mayfield’s neighborhood looks pretty like the Pacific area, right around the region where Leave It To Beaver was filmed in Hollywood, California.

I boldfaced the one section, since it is the strongest evidence for Mayfield, OH. The fan site also offers other info, both for and against Mayfield being in Ohio. I still lean toward the Beav being a Buckeye, although Mathers offers this description of the TV Mayfield:

"It's always spring or fall, and it never snows. It's usually sunny, unless the plot calls for rain. It's expensive to make rain, you have to set up rain machines and hire a special effects man."

And a Mayfield where it rarely rains cannot be in NE Ohio.


  1. Other references to areas near Mayfield, OH include: Ward Cleaver was referred to as the "pride of Shaker Heights High School" in one episode. Beaver and Wally mention Euclid Avenue in another episode where the boys go downtown. Beaver's teacher was Miss Lander; Lander Road is the western border of Mayfield, OH.

    The Cleavers also move to Madison, which could be Madison, OH. I too, believe, the references to NE Ohio are too numerous to ignore.

    1. They never moved to Madison. They made an offer on a house there and it fell through hence the episode where Beaver was given a going away party but never went sway

    2. They never moved to Madison. They made an offer on a house there and it fell through hence the episode where Beaver was given a going away party but never went sway

    3. They never moved to Madison. They made an offer on a house there and it fell through hence the episode where Beaver was given a going away party but never went sway

    4. They never moved to Madison. They made an offer on a house there and it fell through hence the episode where Beaver was given a going away party but never went sway

    5. They never moved to Madison. They made an offer on a house there and it fell through hence the episode where Beaver was given a going away party but never went sway

  2. I completely agree that the references are to the Mayfield in Ohio. I grew up near that area and Shaker Heights ... it seems plausible that it was in Ohio. Also, I heard that one of the writers grew up in the Cleveland area, and he modeled Mayfield after his home-town area.

    1. How could it possibly be Ohio when Eddie was going to take a job on a ship sailing to Alaska. The boys went to the shipping company to meet with the captain. Weather was also very warm on the one Christmas episod.

    2. Actually, it was possible at that time
      for Mayfield boys to get to Alaska for
      summer work. They could take streetcar
      to downtown Cleveland, transfer to the
      Lakeshore Limited train going west to
      Sandusky OH, transfer to the Pelee
      Island ferry going to Kingsville ON
      or Leamington ON, transfer to the
      heavily subsidized Canada Pacific
      train going all the way to Prince
      Rupert BC (end of the line) and then
      transfer to the Alaska Marine Highway
      ferry and arrive at Ketchikan or
      Juneau. The government subsidy was
      7/8 or more on the Canada Pacific.
      Plus, students got an extra discount
      if they waited until a seat was empty. Of course, Eddie Haskell
      imagined he could hitchhike to the

    3. In the episode where Wally and his friends build a kayak, Ward assures June that they won’t be able to take it to the ocean because it’s “20 miles away.”

    4. Good point, Mary. I'm watching that episode now. The boys have also talked about going surfing, although I dont recall the episode.

    5. In season 5, episode 20, Beaver runs into Richard who's sitting by himself on a park bench. He asks Richard what he's doing and Richard says he's waiting to see a car with a New Jersey license plate. All I can say is if that's the case and they're living in the midwest, he could be waiting an awfully long time.

    6. Not exactly sure what the point is. Kids play all sorts of weird games...especially license plates games.

    7. In that episode Beaver suggests Richard would have better odds looking for plates from a much closer state like Pennsylvania. PA borders Eastern Ohio with NJ bordering the opposite side of PA.

    8. In Season 1 Episode 13 Voodoo Magic, there is an Ohio State pennant on Eddie Haskell's bedroom wall. It is clearly visible.

    9. In season 6, episode 23, June and Ward discuss Wally's interest in a young woman whose parents live far off "in California." June says she'd feel better if they were "from Ohio." The "surfboard" desires of Beaver and Richard seem weird for people around Great Lakes states, but there's beaches next to the lakes, I guess. Also, during the early 1960s, the Gidget and multitude of "beach movies" - and the popular Beach Boys music, made many young people want surfboards.

    10. You're absolutely right. The obsession with the surfing craze (and the music and the bikinis, etc.) was NATIONAL. Teens in NE Ohio (and Oklahoma and Utah, for that matter) were totally enthralled.

  3. I grew up in Mayfield Hts Ohio, and went to Lander Elementary school (ie Miss Lander, Beaver's teacher). Not so coincidentally our team/school nickname/mascot at Lander was, you guessed it, The Beavers...we were the Lander Beavers. I'm sure the nickname came after the popularity of the show...I went to school there in the late 60's, so it seems to make sense...that along with the other Ohio references that have been discussed on this page seems to make sense. By the way, Lander Elementary School (on Lander Road) is still serving the kids of Mayfield to this day!

  4. And (continuing from above)...strangely, Beaver's best friend's name is Gilbert. An odd name to be sure, but again another Mayfield Hts reference...Gilbert Drive is located about two blocks from Lander Road and Lander school...I also happened to grow up on Gilbert Drive...I couldn't think of where Lumpy, Eddie or Whitey street was though.

  5. I happened to be watching an episode today, and Ward says to the Beav, "Did I ever tell you I was the best kite builder in Shaker Hts.?" Where else but northern Ohio would there be a Shaker Hts and Mayfield in close proximity?

  6. The earlier episodes made references that tended to indicate Ohio, but as the series went on it became more California. For example, in later episodes there were references to the ocean being nearby, to going surfing, to towns and cities in California, and when they showed the outdoor scenes of Beaver's school, it was clearly a California-style school with outside covered walkways connecting separate classroom buildings. However, the clincher was a scene from an episode in about the '60 or '61 season that showed Beav and another character talking in the driveway, and Ward's Plymouth was parked in the background with period correct ('57 issue) black on yellow California license plates, with "California" clearly printed on them.

    1. in the episode where Beaver cuts english class and thinks hes not going to graduate, his mother tells him his uncle Billy is going to fly "all the way from California" to see the ceremony. that would lend credence to Mayfield NOT being in California.. there are many references that indicate it could be in either state. but as per the previous post where a califonia plate was seen on wards 57 Plymouth we must face the fact that the writers wanted this to be a topic of discussion for years to come. many things point to ohio, but just as many suggest California. however, the license plate is a strong vote for cali. we may never know...this is a mystery for Sherlock holmes

    2. How could you tell that the license plates were yellow on black on a black and white television show? Just curious!

    3. If the plate said California the color is irrelevant. Otherwise, great question!

    4. I never noticed Ward's car with a California plate. Of course the show was filmed in California so it was convenient and I guess they hoped the viewers wouldn't spot it. But LITB was Anytown USA. It wasn't supposed to be in California. Or specifically anywhere else. Mayfield was just a small town that could be anywhere in the country.

  7. Larry's father travels to Cincinnati for business.
    I just watched an episode where Mrs. Cleaver is looking for homes in a newspaper. She says there's a home in Fairview Park, which is also a suburb in Cleveland (I have in-laws who live in Fairview Park....and I also live in the Cleveland area.)

    I also remember Mr. Cleaver talking about Shaker Heights.

    I'm watching a LITB marathon now, and they mentioned Lakewood Ave, which is in Lakewood.


    1. yes. netflix has got all 234 episodes. I usually watch 3 per week.

    2. Looking at the first house you can find different cactus in the yards


  9. Ive always wanted to know the actual true location of Mayfield high. They say you can go to and ask the Beaver any questions about his show....

  10. In season 5 Wally's team has a game against "Cleveland High".

    While I think mathers is telling the truth its anywhere usa, it is pretty clear they are using Mayfield, OH as a template.

    1. I live near Los Angeles. We have a Cleveland High School here too. The Cleveland refers to former President Grover Cleveland. Not to a city.

  11. Yes. Mayfield OH. All of the references to STATE & Shaker Hts. are correct. I watched it today. June said, Ward! I wish Marlene was from OHIO!!

  12. Ward also makes several references to growing up in Shaker Heights which is also in Ohio near Mayfield.

    1. The movie new Leave It To Beaver
      depicts football rivals playing
      against Mayfield. The scoreboard
      identifies them as Oak Park and
      Benton. There are communities in
      Ohio called Oak Park and Benton.

  13. Crystal Falls is mentioned as being
    90 miles from Mayfield. This distance
    rules out Chagrin Falls OH, Cuyahoga
    Falls OH and Niagra Falls NY. But there
    is a city named after a waterfall about
    90 miles from Mayfield OH. It is Beaver
    Falls PA. Naturally, its name would have
    to be changed, to avoid confusion with
    Beaver Cleaver.

    1. Niagra Falls NY is 200 miles from
      Mayfield OH. Cuyahoga Falls OH is
      30 miles from Mayfield. Chagrin
      Falls is 9 miles fron Mayfield.
      Newton Falls OH is 50 miles from
      Mayfield. Beaver Falls PA is 98
      miles by road, but 80 miles in
      a straight line, from Mayfield.

    2. There is a REAL Crystal Falls in the U.P. of Michigan, which tends to support the case for Wisconsin. I love how people tend to change or make up sh*t to support an argument

    3. And Crystal Falls is a consistent series reference, as it is mentioned on at least four episodes.

  14. Freeport OH is 110 miles from Mayfield
    OH. If the Cleavers leave Mayfield at
    4:00 p.m. they may or may not reach
    Freeport by dusk, depending on the
    season and whether or not the time zone has made a switch between
    Daylight Savings Time and Eastern
    Standard Time.

    Also, there is a lake in Ohio named
    Friendship Lake. It is near Smithfield
    OH, which is formerly an old Quaker
    settlement (as was Freeport OH.)

  15. Shaker Heights OH does have an all-girl
    boarding school that June could have
    attended for high school years. It is
    the Laurel School and is located on
    Lyman Circle in Shaker Heights. The
    Laurel School moved to Shaker Heights
    from Cleveland in the late 1920s. It
    has long had a community service
    requirement for graduation. Perhaps
    June met Ward off campus during her
    community service stint.

    1. There is another all-girl private
      high school in Shaker Heights OH.
      It is Hathaway Brown School.

      But the all-girl private school
      closest to Ward's Shaker Heights
      High is not in Shaker Heights OH. It is in neighboring Cleveland Heights OH. Its name
      is the Beaumont School.

    2. June is from East St. Louis, Illinois. In a fourth-season episode, June refers to Ward as "the pride of Shaker Heights" and he counters by referring to her as "the belle of East St. Louis."

  16. Freeport OH is the closest town to the
    most rustic public-owned lake in the
    State of Ohio (Lake Clendening.) Maybe
    the getaway weekend for Ward and June
    was sponsored by Ward's employer for
    the peace and quiet they would surely
    find there.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. There is another Freeport
      within several hours drive of
      Mayfield OH. It is Freeport Beach
      at North East borough in
      Pennsylvania. It is around 103
      miles from Mayfield, and has
      outstanding sunsets.

  18. Is Lake Erie oceanic? Of course not,

    Lake Erie waters can be as rough as
    any ocean. Attesting to this is the
    famous ballad by Gordon Lightfoot,
    the Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald.

    1. Surf can be found on Lake Erie.
      But the best surf waves occur
      in late summer and early autumn,
      when the water is cold. So
      wetsuits are usually needed.

    2. Edmund Fitzgerald sank on lake superior.

  19. Lake Erie is definitely coastal,
    though not oceanic. And surfing is a
    notable extreme sport there. One of the
    best surfing sites near Shaker Heights
    and Mayfield is called Surfers Point
    Campground. Its at North Madison OH,
    35 miles from Shaker Heights OH.

    1. Madison OH is 30 miles from
      Mayfield OH. Madison-on-
      the-Lake OH is 35 miles from
      Mayfield OH.

      Madison-on-the-Lake has the
      best surfing conditions on
      Lake Erie shore in the Cleveland

  20. Ward went to "State College." This
    may or may not mean a state college in
    Ohio. Or, it may mean the municipality
    of State College in the neighboring
    state of Pennsylvania. This is the
    location Of Penn State, where Ward
    could have learned some engineering or
    surveying before switching majors to
    philosophy. State College PA is 235
    miles from Mayfield OH.

    1. There is, or at least was at that time, a Cleveland State University.

  21. The LITB lake called Friends Lake may
    have been a thinly-diguised variation
    on the finest lake in Shaker Heights.
    This was Shaker Lake. It was built in
    the 1800s by the utopian agricultural
    community, the Shakers.

    1. There is a Friends Lake in the metroparks in the city of Solon, Ohio that is not that far from Mayfield.

    2. There is a Friend's Lake in New York too.

  22. Many people yearn for a return to the
    red-blooded, all-american family values
    depicted by the fictional characters of
    Ward and June Cleaver. It is reminiscent
    of the finale of the 1930s utopian
    novel and movie, "Lost Horizon."
    Dodge City KS celebrates the characters of Matt Dillon, Kitty
    Russell and Dr Galen Adams.
    Mount Airy NC celebrates the
    characters of Sheriff Andy, Opie
    and Aunt Bee.
    Why can't Ohio, especially Cuyahoga
    County, do something similar to
    give a focus to the unforgettable
    characters, the Cleavers?

  23. Might there be real-life antecedents
    to the fictional names and characters
    of Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver? Maybe.
    The City of Cleveland was originally
    spelled Cleaveland. (It was altered
    for a typographical convenience.)
    Cleaveland's namesake was Moses
    Cleaveland, who had some uncanny
    resemblances to Ward Cleaver.
    Both were college graduates and earned
    their livings as investment managers.
    Both were mariners, surveyors and
    engineers. (Moses Cleaveland had
    served in the newly-formed Army
    Corps of Engineers; Ward Cleaver
    had served in the SeaBees.) Both
    had families with stay-at-home moms.
    Mrs. Cleaveland did not accompany
    her husband on his expedition to
    "New Connecticut," the proto-state
    that eventually became Ohio.
    Incidentally, Mrs. Cleaveland is known
    to have been christened in the month of
    June, though her birthday is not known.
    This could have inspired the name
    June Cleaver.

  24. The Cleavers went to a cabin in season 2. The elevation was over 6000' . Is that possible in Ohio?

    1. No. That much altitude might
      occur in neighboring West Virginia
      or Pennsylvania.

  25. The Connecticut Yankee pioneers who
    followed Moses Cleaveland to the proto-
    state of New Connecticut were well
    aware that they were pilgrims bound for
    a promised land. There is even a physical resemblance of New Connecticut to the Land of Goshen
    given by the Egyptians to the Israelites. Both were located on
    the right bank near the delta of
    a northward-flowing river that
    empties into a vast inland body
    of water. Both were blessed with
    good pastures, good soil for growing vegetables and good fishing.
    Moreover, both were gotten without
    bloodshed. Unlike most Western settlers, the pioneer-pilgrims to
    New Connecticut arrived heavily laden
    with gifts for the Native Americans.
    (These peace offerings included
    livestock, trinkets and even some
    whiskey.) Generous gift-giving was
    possible only because they came by the
    watercourses, not overland by
    Conestoga wagons pulled by draft
    animals. So peacefully was the land
    transferred that Moses Cleaveland
    decided there was no need to construct
    a fort, though site was very well
    situated for a military stronghold.
    If ever there was place suited to
    pilgrims seeking to sojourn in a new
    Land of Goshen, at that time NE OH
    was it.

  26. The first name of Ward Cleaver, Ward,
    comes from the ancient anglo-saxon term
    "weard." Weard meant herd-driver or
    horde-driver. This meaning is an apt
    functional descriptor of the patriarchal figure of Moses.

  27. The highest altitudes in West Virginia
    are at Spruce Knob and Snowshoe Mountain. Both are closer to Cleveland
    than Cleveland is to Cincinnati OH.

  28. Ohio has its well-known Amish country.
    It draws is visitors from far and wide,
    even from overseas.
    What the world needs now is a special
    place where people can go to celebrate
    the nuclear family lifestyle with a stay-at-home mom and a single-paycheck
    household economy. Do we look for such
    a Brigadoon-like place in Ohio? If not
    Ohio, then where?

  29. I am watching Beaver as a hero and he rescues a canoe...Belleport is mentioned where Whitey visits for the weekend and Aunt Martha calls from Belleport where she lives which is located in New York which is not very far from Ohio. I believe that the fictitious Mayfield is in Ohio.

    1. Bellport may be a portmanteau
      of Bellaire OH and Bridgeport OH.
      These two towns are about 4 miles
      apart on Ohio Route 7, across the
      Ohio River from Wheeling WV.

    2. Aunt Martha is also associated with
      a town called Riverside that is several
      hours drive from Mayfield. There is
      a Riverside OH, near Dayton OH. It
      is about 212 miles (3.5 hours drive)
      from Mayfield.

    3. Aunt Martha says "It is good to see
      such an Eastern-looking town so far
      West." Northeast Ohio is famous for
      its New England architecture and town
      planning. Tallmadge OH is especially
      famous for looking more typically
      New Englandish than any single town in New England.

      Ward told Beav that New England is
      just a few hours away by plane. The
      distance from the mouth of Conneaut
      Creek in OH to the mouth of the
      Connecticut River is around 425 miles.

    4. There was another village named Riverside in Ohio. It was annexed by
      Gates Mills OH in the late 1920s.
      Both are close to Mayfield.

  30. There is a stereotype about the nuclear
    family folkway so well portrayed by the
    Cleavers, especially June Cleaver. Every
    one knows the cliche: nuclear families
    were a short-lived, post WWII American phenomenon that arose from suburbs,
    automobiles and industrialization.
    This stereotype is just plain wrong.
    Nuclear families came over on the
    Mayflower and have been the norm here ever since. The Puritans and Pilgrims
    were very intentional about this, and
    called nuclear families "the little
    commonwealth" or "the covenant family."
    It is no accident that Mayfield resembles NE Ohio. It was Connecticut
    Yankees, descendants of the Puritans,
    who originated the place.

  31. Mayfield may be an allusion to the
    The Cuyahoga River was the western
    terminus of the Pilgrims' Progress
    which began over 160 years earlier
    on the shore of Cape Cod bay.

    A little-known fact is that
    both these eastern and western
    extremities of Puritan settlement
    had Caucasian females in attendance
    at the peace conferences with Native
    American inhabitants. This was highly
    unusual in the history of the New World. Neither the Portuguese nor
    the Spanish nor the French nor the
    Dutch nor the Swedes had white women
    come along to witness the parleys,
    the transfer of goods and livestock,
    and the concluding smoking of the peace
    pipe at the earliest stages of European settlement in the New world.
    And that includes
    Russians in Alaska and Vikings in

  32. Tony Dow mentions on his website that
    the entertainment publication Variety
    has called Leave It To Beaver the
    20th century equivalent of Samuel
    Clemens' (Mark Twain) Adventures Of
    Tom Sawyer.
    The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer is
    situated in and around the Missouri
    river port towns of Hannibal and
    St. Petersburg in the late 1840s.

    1. The exceptional strength of the
      American conventional nuclear
      family and the homemaking women
      that made it possible was noticed by the astute French
      nobleman Alexis de Toqueville
      almost twenty years before the
      epoch described by Mark Twain
      in the Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
      De Toqueville's observations
      included his first-hand account
      of the good behavior of all the women passengers on
      a steamboat that wrecked on the
      Ohio River on November 26, 1831.
      (He barely escaped drowning.)

    2. Alexis de Toqueville was shipwrecked
      in the middle of the Ohio River,
      between Wheeling (then in Virginia)
      and Martins Ferry (in Ohio.)

      When Toqueville took passage on
      that steamboat in 1831, steam-powered rapid public interurban
      rapid public transport was already
      twenty years old in the Ohio Valley. The first long-distance
      steamboat to dock in Cincinnati did so in 1811.
      It had started from Pittsburgh
      and continued on its journey to
      New Orleans.

  33. Three cheers for three Ohio folkways
    heroines! Betty Zane (Belmont County),
    Annie Oakley (Darke Clounty) and
    June Cleaver (Cuyahoga County) !!!

  34. Add these to the list of Buckeye heroines:
    Harvey Girl Susan Bradley (Ross
    County) and Sloopy Girl (Jefferson

  35. Another addition to that list would
    be the Flying Grandmother Gerri Mock
    (Franklin County.)

    Also, June Cleaver deserves accolades
    for her prescient preventative
    for electronic media addiction.
    Television was kept out of her
    living room or rec room. The
    Cleavers had a TV, but it was
    watched only in the parents'
    bedroom or in Ward's den (now
    called a man-cave.)

  36. Wally and Beaver had a radio in the
    bedroom they shared. It was a tube
    model (not a transistorized portable)
    and was located on a shelf in their

  37. The Cleavers also had a stereo hifi.
    It apparently was played mainly for
    serious music. June liked Italian
    opera. Wally liked Russian symphonic
    music such as Tchaichovsky.

  38. In the first season Wally and Beaver take a train ride home from Aunt Martha's. The town of Bellport is mentioned as being the next stop but it is far from Mayfield. And Wally mentions a souvenir starfish they picked up at the beach. Maybe the Cleavers lived on Long Island NY. But the writers should have paid better attention to their scripts. Maybe they were just sloppy in dropping at those hints at place names.

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  40. Have been watching all of the episodes on MeTV and just got through some of the house hunting storyline. June mentions a house in “Fairview Park” for sale and also one on “Lakewood” avenue. Both are suburbs of Cleveland. Combine that with Ward’s growing up in “Shaker Hts.” and the Cleavers’ hometown of “Mayfield “ (two MORE Cleveland suburbs), and it’s absolutely obvious that the show was supposed to have taken place in the Cleveland area. As far as the weather, do you really think the production company was going to go through the expense of turning the Hollywood backlot where the show was filmed into a winter wonderland to “prove” that the show took place in the Midwest? Of course not. But it’s undeniable and the references all line up. The show took place in the wonderful Cleveland suburbs of the late 50s & early 60s.

  41. What about the episode where in the garage the car license plates hanging on the wall, one clearly said UTAH. Also, on another episode Aunt Martha makes the comment to June, how wonderful it is to see an Eastern Style home so far west. Just saying....

  42. I know the show was filmed in California. In one of he episodes I was able to see the license plate on Ward's car. It was a California license plate. Maybe the little detail they missed during filming.

  43. It has to be Mayfield, Michigan.
    In episode "The Bus Ride," Beaver goes to visit a friend in Crystal Falls which is are both in Michigan.

  44. I've always had a sneaking suspicion that Mayfield is in Washington state. My two main clues: Beaver and Wally often have a "W" pennant hanging in their bedroom, and it is often shown to have rained in scenes where we saw Ward pulling into the driveway. Another clue: In one episode, we get the Cleaver's telephone number, which has the exchange of WHitney 1 (941). Googling that exchange brings up Seattle in the #1 spot. OK, carry on :-)

    1. I think the setting has remained intentionally ambiguous. I long thought it was in a small Midwestern metro area, like Peoria. But, there is good evidence that it leans toward Mayfield, Ohio, in the larger Midwestern metro area of Cleveland.

  45. This would also align with the "20 miles from the ocean" stuff.

  46. One more thing - Seattle averages very little snowfall, about 6 inches a year.

  47. What about the check that says Mayfield, Ohio on it??????????

  48. On the episode "Wally buys a car", they show them passing the Elmiro Theater in Santa Monica, CA. as they test drive a car.

  49. Not sure what episode of season 1 or who's bedroom it was in, there was an Ohio State pendant hanging on the wall.

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Season 1 Episode 13 Voodoo Magic
      The pennant is in Eddie Haskell's bedroom.We see it when Beaver goes to visit Eddie.

  51. Sue Randall played Miss Landers with an s on the end. Not Miss Lander as some of you have posted in your comments.

  52. I think there is a good case for Wisconsin too. In addition to other Badger State references, the Season 2 Episode "Ward's Problem" has the father telling Wally he must (again) postpone their fishing trip to Crystal Falls. Crystal Falls is a small town due north of Mayfield, Wisconsin in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and a great outdoor area for fishing and recreation.

  53. How about the first episode (I think) with the alligator and Capt'n Jack. The alligator farm appears to be nearby, but there are tropical plants and trees visible.

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