Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Amazing Canton Hoover Shirt

("Warehouse 13": Saul Rubinek,left, Joanne Kelly, Eddie McClintock)

North Canton's Eddie McClintock and I chatted recently, and I mentioned his ability to get his North Canton Hoover wrestling shirts on TV ...

Eddie, who will star in "Warehouse 13" for Sci Fi (renaming Syfy) beginning in July, was also in "Crumbs," a series with Jane Curtin and Fred Savage, a few years ago. The show was set in New England but Eddie wore his North Canton shirt in the pilot.

"If I see any sign of weakness from (the costume department), I'll start muscling in my own wardrobe," he told me at the time. "Actually, I wore it on the set one day during rehearsal, and the producer said, "We like that.' . . . I'll be wearing another Hoover wrestling shirt in another episode. I'm kind of a hometown guy at heart. . . . My dad calls me every weekend to tell me what's going on."

Eddie doesn't bear North Canton's name in the premiere of "Warehouse 13," but he promised local color down the road. In fact, his character is from North Canton, he said, and there will be an episode mentioning a North Canton Fire Department, complete with jackets and vehicles.


  1. This vaguely reminds me of a past item in the paper or on your other blog about the Indians t-shirts on How I Met Your Mother — didn't the Ted character wear a vintage Canton-Akron Indians shirt at one point?

  2. Ted has been identified as a Cleveland Indians fan and, according to one site, as a Shaker Heights native. Carter Bays, co-creator of the show, is from Shaker Heights and has a lot of Buckeye nostalgia. He once told me: "When I lived in New York there were weekends when I would borrow someone's car and drive eight hours after work on Friday just to get home and see Cleveland for the weekend."